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Formed in 2006, Chatham Partners LLC connects investors and corporations with the strategic solutions they need to thrive. Focusing on mid-market companies marketing to the F500 buying ecosystem, Chatham Partners delivers impactful, relevant paths forward tailored for growth and disruption. From building companies’ enterprise sales teams, optimizing brand positioning to better resonate with the F500, and spearheading hiring initiatives, to sourcing capital and performing due diligence for PE firms, we bridge the gap between companies and their potential. 

Industry specialties:

  • Marketing services

  • Staffing

  • R&D 

  • Insights 

  • SAAS

Our approach to consulting is shaped by founder Sean Bisceglia’s 25-year track record of leading, building up, and selling successful companies. The disruption expert and five-time CEO remains passionate about building sustainable growth for B2B companies and empowering others with the tools they need to succeed. Bisceglia is the author of The Individual Sport: A Success Playbook for CEOs, a practical guide for new executives outlining hard-learned truths and themes that molded Sean’s career. 


To learn how Chatham Partners can spark fresh perspective and growth for your company, reach out to Sean directly at



Position yourself for disruption

Capitalize on opportunities 

Unlock new revenue potential 

Portfolio Growth

Portfolio Growth



Strategy is your company’s roadmap to growth. When effectively defined and communicated, these guiding principles shape every decision and course of action. The result? More intentional and focused organizational direction. 

Let’s talk strategy 

Technology Market Segments

A truly effective marketing mix starts with getting specific. We break down homogenous Fortune 500 markets markets into clearly identifiable groups based on needs, wants, and characteristics to inform relevant, precise positioning.

Understand your markets

F500 Buyer Motivations & Messaging 

Connecting on an emotional level with target buyers unlocks a new level of demand and differentiates your services from the competition. We identify unmet needs and pain points for each audience and help tailor messaging that resonates deeper. 

Relate to your audience

Products, solutions & Services

Provide a comprehensive toolbox of solutions to meet the full spectrum of client needs, offering end-to-end partnership. We ensure your services align with all your clients’ priorities while defining a specialized niche that addresses market-specific problems.

Refresh your services

Acquisition Sourcing

Acquisition Sourcing and Due Diligence

Maximize your growth potential

Acquisition Sourcing Capabilities

First, we find the best opportunities:

  • Define target company strategy within requirements of investors

  • Source referrals and contacts for similar companies 

  • Manage meetings and introductions

  • Optimize acquisition approach using 25-year founding/ operating experience 

Sales Due Diligence

Then, we leave no stone unturned:

  • Analyze organizational structure and go-to-market strategy

  • Examine sales teams’ reporting/tools, processes, talent, and potential

  • Perform client/ customer audit 

  • Explore messaging effectiveness 

  • Review compensation, sales forecasting/metrics/pipeline fidelity

F500 Enterprise Sales Strategies

F500 Enterprise Sales Strategies

Set your team up for success

We audit your current sales structure and provide actionable, intuitive approaches for elevating your team’s performance. 

  • Improve deal velocity and introductions 

  • Increase quality of potential clients 

  • Lower the cost of customer acquisition 

  • Level up market share and revenue per seller

  • Expand average deal size 

  • Enhance productivity for new sales professionals Improve forecast accuracy and win/loss ratio



Sean Bisceglia

As a highly experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of success, I have spent the past 25 years empowering companies and their employees to reach their full potential and achieve exceptional growth. Throughout my career, I have founded three companies and served as CEO for five, effectively accelerating growth and executing a proven playbook across various industries, with a particular focus on B2B services for Fortune 500 companies requiring transformative impact. Additionally, I have been backed by four private equity funds in the last 20 years, resulting in meaningful returns upon exit. The growth has been driven organically, as well as through over 10 acquisitions, all of which have been successfully integrated.
My entrepreneurial journey began with TFA Communications, which I grew into a $200 million revenue-generating business before selling it to Leo Burnett. Following this success, I acquired CPRi with William Blair Capital and drove a 200% growth in the business, eventually selling it to Aquent in 2005. I then founded Talent Drive, which quickly became the top-ranked resume aggregator nationally and later transformed into a privately labeled API product for large HR software companies.
In 2011, I co-founded Scout Exchange with John Chuang, growing it into the largest recruitment marketplace in the country. After a successful integration with Aquent in 2018, I became an Operating Partner at Sterling Partners on their education funds (Avathon Capital). Seeking my next operating challenge, I became CEO of Curion in 2019, backed by Monroe Capital.
During my tenure at Curion, I transformed the product insights industry and led the company to remarkable success. In just three years, we grew revenue from $21 million to $60 million, achieving an average annual EBITDA growth rate of 80% year over year. In August 2022, we successfully sold the company to Summit Park, a Charlotte-based private investment firm. I stepped down from the CEO position in April 2023.
As I embark on my next project, I am excited to bring my leadership, extensive experience, and expertise to a new venture to continue driving growth and success in a B2B business that is poised for transformation and high growth.


John Musolino

John is Founder and Principal of Avondale Capital Advisors, a consulting firm providing strategic and corporate finance advisory services to middle market businesses. Throughout his time at Avondale, John has spearheaded a wide range of projects including evaluating strategic positioning and capital structure alternatives, advisory engagements for both buyers and sellers, raising capital, elevating companies’ financial health, and consulting. 

John recently served as Chief Operating Officer of FoodMinds, a consultancy focusing on food and nutrition communications. At FoodMinds, John was responsible for the finance, human resources, technology and legal functions, and general firm-wide administration. During his time at FoodMinds, the company doubled in size, improved its profitability, and expanded across the East and West coasts. John also helped orchestrate the sale of FoodMinds to Padilla in 2016.

​Prior to FoodMinds, John was a Co-Founder and Operating Partner at Iota Partners, a consumer insights consultancy leveraging research to help Global 1000 companies understand their customers. Iota was sold to Sapient Corporation in August of 2012. John also served as SVP of Strategy and Business Development at True North Communications, a $2 billion publicly-traded holding company. At True North, John led internal restructuring initiatives that led to unparalleled growth. John’s career also includes consulting for Global Corporate Finance Group of Arthur Andersen, serving as the Director of Concert Group Logistics and Aquent Marketing Staffing, and acting as an Advisory Partner to Magnate Capital Partners. John holds a Masters of Management degree from the Kellogg School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Duke University.

Press & Awards

In addition to building great companies, Sean is known for building great cultures and marketing.

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Current News

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Crain's Chicago Business

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The New York Times

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The Wall Street Journal

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Quirks Chicago


Hermes Creative Awards

  • 2022 Gold Award — x2

  • 2020 Gold Award — x4

the stevies.PNG

The Stevies

  • 2021 Bronze -- x3

  • 2020 Gold Award — x2

  • 2020 Bronze Award — x3

  • 2017 Silver Award --x1


ARCS Innovation Award

  • 2022 Automation Winner

  • 2022 Data Driven Winner

  • 2022 Innovation Winner





Sean is a force of nature. Having known him in a number of professional capacities, most directly as an investor and member of his BOD, I've witnessed first hand the passion, focus and commitment he brings on a daily basis.

While there are many things that distinguish Sean, his resourcefulness and persistence stand out. Good ideas only work when someone truly believes in them, champions them and empowers others to get behind the vision and make it their own. Sean does this in spades.

Sean is a stand-out entrepreneur, sales and marketing leader and business builder. Any organization that he commits to is lucky to have him.


I worked with Sean at various companies as CFO while he was CEO. His focus and ability to guide strategy, growth, and culture was critical to our success and eventual successful exit upon sale of the companies. I have worked with many CEO/ Founders, but Sean is the one of the best and most focused I have had the pleasure of working with.



Sean is a visionary with the unique ability to turn vision into action into product and profit - he can see opportunity, all of the pieces required and how to move mountains (and often other companies) to align to this vision and in turn a reality. I witnessed this first hand as part of the launch of Scout Exchange - where Sean, single-handedly convince the four largest players in the ATS space to sign onto a crazy idea that just might work and launched the first in ATS integrated VMS exchange. Sean's passion and vision combined with his innate talent to reach, connect and convince top tier decision makers to explore their business for latent problems and propose ingenious solutions that allow recruitment organizations to move the needle on key metrics that define how top recruiting organizations should be run.



Sean and I first met as fellow outside Board members on a Chicago-based PR firm many years ago. Since that time I have watched Sean take one company from near complete ruin (a mess that he did not create) to significant success, and then subsequent to that, build a technology enabled firm from start-up to considerable scale. His tactics are similar, a compelling vision, attract a great team, and then execute each and every day on both a sales and marketing strategy that drives results. He is a rare talent and one I am grateful that I have come to know.


I have known and worked with Sean for 20+years across multiple companies in my Board and investor roles. Sean is a very talented entrepreneur. He has had many great successes with building high growth companies and creating significant shareholder value. His Sales and Marketing expertise is deep and results oriented, and integral to his strong track record across several businesses.



I was able to partner with Sean as we implanted Scout for our contingency program at Bank of America. Sean was instrumental in ensuring the success of our implementation and drove for results, while partnering effectively with Bank of America teams.

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